Sports and recreation department

The Sports and recreation department has been busy in the first half the year 2023. The year began with athletics championship that were held at the Nuu TVC in Kitui county. Katine TTI carried the day emerging top of the region with 13 Gold medals, 8 Silver medals and 5 Bronze medals. The athletes who qualified for the nationals show cased their athletic prowess at the Nyayo national stadium in early April. Then came Drama and Film festivals held at the Mwala TVC where the department again showed supremacy by scooping several accolades and proceeding to the nationals platform for the very first time.

Term two was slated for season II ball games constituting Rugby, Volleyball and Handball never took place even after serious preparations by our trainees. This was due to the national government failing to disburse the capitation. We hope these small hitches will be overcome and normal sports calendar to resume in September 2023.

All members of the Katine TTI are welcome to participate in sporting activities. Katine TTI sports department now boasts of a brand new State-of-the art Basketball court which is now complete and about to be commissioned for use as from September 2023. The institute is happy and we applaud the administration for this fete.


Mr Kisilah O. K –