Industrial liaison office(ILO)

ILO stands for Industrial liaison office. This is an office that deals with linking the trainees with the industry. This can be done through attachments, internships and DUAL TVET program. Attachment takes place during the training period as per the syllabus while internship takes place after the trainee has completed their training in the institution.

DUAL TVET is a program that is aimed at producing trainees who are well versed with the industry trends and industry expectations. This is achieved by training 50% in the industry and 50% in the institute. The ILO office therefore is responsible for planning, coordination and linkages to ensure that
interaction of trainees with the industry runs smoothly. This is done through; collaboration and linkages with industry, preparation of trainee materials needed for attachment, creating awareness for trainees on the industry requirements and expectations, assessment of trainees while in industry and follow up on the feedback from industry. The office deals with all trainees in the institute in matters industry. The office has departmental liaison officers for all departments who help in coordination of trainees.









Nellis N Mbuthia