Fashion design and cosmetology

Hospitality programmes were started in 2015 under the department of Institutional Management. Due to the tremendous growth in the number of students, facilities and high demand of training qualified personnel, in August 2018, the department of Hospitality and Institutional Management was established with only two section i.e. Fashion design and clothing Technology,Hair and beauty sections. Since then the department has grown tremendously. Then in may 2022 Food and beverage was introduced the department is currently offering three programmes translating to eight courses and soon to mount more programmes and courses.

The department was created to enable the creation of fields that would specifically and adequately deal with the challenges in the hospitality and tourism sector as per the Kenya vision 2030. The Department of hospitality and institutional management (HIM) aims at producing qualified and market driven graduates and leaders of international repute. We strive to achieve this through imparting our Trainees with best management and entrepreneurial knowledge, skills and practices that are globally accepted. Our students are given the requisite skills that are vital in management and growth of the economy. We offer; Diploma, Certificate and Artisan courses aimed at equipping our students with hands-on skills that enable them to serve in all commercial sectors of any economy world over.


1 Fashion design & clothing technology level 6(Diploma) 3yrs Jan/May/Sep KCSE C- & Above CDACC
2 Fashion design & garment making level 5(Craft) 2yrs Jan/May/Sep KCSE D & D+ CDACC
3 Garment making level 4 (Artisan) 1yr Jan/May/Sep KCSE D- & Below CDACC
4 Dress making & tailoring grade 1,2,3 1yr Jan/May/Sep KCSE D- & Below CDACC
5 Hairdressing level 4 1yr Jan/May/Sep KCSE D- & Below CDACC
6 Hairdressing level 5 2yrs Jan/May/Sep  KCSE D & D+ CDACC
7 Beauty therapy level 4 1yr Jan/May/Sep KCSE D- & Below CDACC
9 Beauty therapy level 5 2yrs Jan/May/Sep KCSE D & D+ CDACC
10 Hairdressing & Beauty therapy level 4(Cosmetology) 1yr Jan/May/Sep KCSE D- & Below CDACC