Electrical and Electronic Engineering Department

Welcome to the Electrical and Electronic Engineering Department at Katine Technical Training Institute. The Department of Electrical and Electronic Engineering, is one of the oldest having been established in 2013. Currently, the Department has a student population of more than 200.
The department provides, promote and coordinate the provision of quality education, practical training, research and innovation for the empowerment of individuals to become responsible and competent electrical technicians who value education as a lifelong process for sustainable development.

Since the department was established it has always endeavored to establish courses which are on high demand in the labor market. The courses offered in the department are market driven in accordance with the government of Kenya vision 2030 as well as Sustainable Development Goals and it has grown and expanded in terms of courses and the enrolment of students over the years since its inception. We are focused to give you reliable competency based technical knowledge, skills and attitudes including practical industrial experience, research and innovation organized and supervised by the institute and the Industry.

The department offers various programs at Diploma, Craft certificate, Artisan, Curriculum Based Education and Training (CBET) and tailor made short courses. Recently the department in conjunction with Germany Cooperation, Government of Finland and Government of Kenya has rolled out a DUAL–TVET training program in Electrical Installation Operator (Level 5) where the trainees will spend at least 50% learning in industry and the rest in the institution.

Mr Mutuku Masika
HOD Electrical & Electronics


1 Electrical engineering(power option) level 6 ( Diploma ) 3yrs Jan/May/Sep KCSE C- & Above CDACC
2 Electrical installation level 5 (craft) 2yrs Jan/May/Sep KCSE D & D+ CDACC
3 Electrical installation level 4 (artisan) 1yr Jan/May/Sep KCSE D- & Below CDACC
4 Mechatronics level 5 (craft) 2yrs Jan/May/Sep KCSE D & D+ KNEC
5 Electrical operation(power option) level 5 2yrs Jan/May/Sep KCSE CDACC
6 Mechatronics level 6 (Diploma) 3yrs Jan/May/Sep KCSE C- & Above CDACC
7 Electrical installation operator level 5 (DUO training program) 2yrs Jan/May/Sep KCSE D & Above CDACC

The programs offered include:

  • Craft in Electrical Engineering.
  • Diploma in Electrical Engineering (Power Option)
  • Electrical Installation Artisan.
  • Mechatronics (level 6)
  • Mechatronics (level 5)
  • Electrical Engineering Operator (Level 6)
  • Electrical Installation Operator (Level 5)
  • Electrical Installation Operator (Level 4)
  • Electrical Installation.
  • Operator Level 5 (Under Dual-TVET training Program)
  • Electrical Installation (wireman) grade III, II,I -National Examining Bodies
  • All Diploma, Craft and Artisan Courses are examined by the Kenya National Examination Council (KNEC)
  • All CBET Courses are examined by Curriculum Development, Assessment And Certification Council (CDACC)
  • Grade tests are examined by the National Industrial Training Authority (NITA).
  • Short courses are examined internally.