Examination Department

Exams officer Remarks

Welcome to the Examinations office of Katine Technical Training Institute. The office has the core responsibility of providing examination dates, keeping exam records of all departments, registration of candidates for exams, and communicating with the relevant Examination agents on all matters pertaining to exams. The exams department is mandated to coordinate the internal and external exams conducted in the college. It is obliged to provide quality internal exams to nurture the students’ critical & analytical thinking and academic potential.

The office ensures that the registration of students for the Internal and external exams is carried out precisely in the guidelines provided by the examining bodies. The students are expected to familiarize themselves with the examination manual. Internal exams comprise two categories: continuous assessment tests (CAT) and End term exams. CAT may take any or a combination of practical/assignments or formal tests while end term exams are taken at the end of the term. Only Katine Technical Training Institute students will be allowed to sit for ordinary exams at the college and one must have at least 75% class attendance. Any student who is unable to sit for the exams should report to their respective HOD in writing before sitting for the exam citing reasons for the same to undergo the approval process. Any case reported after the examinations will not be considered for examination appeals.

Academic misconduct is not acceptable at all costs for both Internal and External exams. Irregularities may take the form of impersonation, plagiarism, cheating, fabrication of results, and collusion. After the declaration of the exam results, any student who is unsatisfied with the results may appeal to the principal.

Examination Bodies

  1. Katine Technical Training Institute’s internal exams
  2. Kenya National Examinations Council – KNEC
  3. Kenya Accountants and Secretaries National Examinations Board – KASNEB
  4. National Industrial Training Institute- NITA
  5. TVET Curriculum Development Assessment and Certification Council –TVET CDACC

From :
Mr Benard Matoke
HOD examination department