Agriculture & Environment

The role of the Department of Agriculture & Environmental Studies is to impart knowledge and skills to trainees in the agriculture and environment related disciplines. One of the ways we achieve this is through delivering practical sessions to the trainees at the institution’s farm, the neighborhood environment and production of milk, poultry, fish, animal feeds, passion fruits, honey and vegetables.

To achieve our planned departmental goals we have adopted a cordial engagement approach that fosters inter-departmental relationships and team collaboration to encourage them to exploit their full potential and talent in matters of agriculture.

The department can ignite the potential in our youth in agriculture-related issues to boost food security in line with the Country’s bottom-up Economic plan. The department’s achievements since inception have been the consistent production of honey which we harvest 2 twice a year, we also supply the college kitchen and the staff with milk and kale that is consumed within the institution . The Department of agriculture has established a poultry unit with estimated 200 chickens aimed at supplying poultry to the Food and Beverage Production unit and the community at large an achievement that we pride ourselves in.

Having recorded such great accomplishments, the department has set up one greenhouse to boost horticultural production and expose the trainees to practical sessions in the production of horticultural crops. these activities shall help to boost trainee enrolment in Agriculture & Environment, while we establish a Centre of Excellence in Agricultural & Environment training of the youth within the region and to network with more Agricultural Institutions both locally and Internationally.

We offer the following programmes in our department


1 Agricultural extension level 6 (Diploma) 3yrs Jan/May/Sep KCSE C- & Above plus Biology/Agriculture CDACC
2 Agricultural extension level 5 (Craft) 2yrs Jan/May/Sep KCSE D & & Above plus Biology/Agriculture CDACC
3 Agricultural extension level 4 (Artisan) 1yr Jan/May/Sep KCSE/KCPE Certificate CDACC
4 Dairy technology level 6 3yrs Jan/May/Sep KCSE C- & Above CDACC
5 Dairy technology level 5 2yrs Jan/May/Sep KCSE D & Above CDACC
6 Dairy technology level 4 1yrs Jan/May/Sep KCSE D- & Below CDACC


Agriculture and Environmental Studies