Research & Innovation

At Katine TTI, we believe that research and innovation are the cornerstones of progress. They fuel discovery, challenge assumptions, and pave the way for a brighter future. Our Research and Innovation Department is dedicated to fostering a vibrant environment where curiosity thrives, where creativity flourishes, and where groundbreaking ideas take shape.

Our Mission:

  • To cultivate a culture of inquiry and experimentation across all disciplines.
  • To empower trainers and students to pursue groundbreaking research that addresses real-world challenges.
  • To foster collaboration and partnerships with industry, government, and other institutions.
  • To translate research findings into tangible results that benefit our community and beyond.

Our Commitment:

  • We actively promote interdisciplinary collaboration, recognizing that the most significant breakthroughs often occur at the intersection of diverse perspectives.
  • We facilitate partnerships with external stakeholders to leverage resources, address shared challenges, and accelerate innovation.
  • We are committed to disseminating our research findings through publications, presentations, and community outreach initiatives.

Our Impact:

As an institute we acknowledge the role of Science, Technology and Innovation as key enablers for moving the world onto a sustainable path. Katine TTI participates in TVET trade fairs and robotics contexts both at regional and National Levels. Katine TTI takes pride as being the National Champion of best innovation under Clothing and Textiles Category after our innovation ’Versatile Wedding Gown’ was ranked position one during TVET Trade Fair and Robotics contexts in May,2022 held at Meru National Polytechnic. Our students gain invaluable research experience, preparing them for successful careers in academia, industry, and beyond. Our partnerships create opportunities for real-world application of research, contributing to economic development and societal progress.

HOD: Joseph K Munyao