The Deputy Principal – Academic Affairs is responsible to the Principal for the operational management, development and implementation of educational and training plans, policies and programs of the Institute.
The office of Deputy Principal – Academic Affairs is responsible for overseeing various academic aspects of the Institute. Its core mandate includes:

  1.  Ensuring that trainees are adequately prepared, registered and presented for the national examinations in accordance with the Kenya National Examinations Council, TVET-CDACC, NITA and other examining bodies’ regulations.
  2.  Identifying and reviewing the appropriate academic programmes and curricula for the Institute, to ensure that they meet educational standards and objectives
  3.  Ensuring that examinations and assessments are carried out and that proper scheduling of training programmes is implemented.
  4.  Promoting research and scholarly activities among trainees and students by supporting initiatives to foster innovation in teaching methods, educational technologies, and interdisciplinary collaborations.
  5.  Participating in the Institute’s strategic planning processes to set academic priorities, define goals, and allocate resources strategically.
  6.  Representing the Institute at academic conferences, professional associations, and community events to promote its academic reputation and foster partnerships.
  7.  Coordinating all the departments and ensuring that the approved curriculum is implemented.
  8.  Supervising trainers in the proper discharge of all training programmes.