The office is responsible for ensuring day to day success in the functioning of the institute to enable the core business of the institute of quality training to be achieved.

My role as Principal’s assistant is to ensure all administration tasks are carried out in line with TVET Act to enable the institution have adequate training materials and personnel and ensure discipline among trainers and support staff.

The office is also involved in other major activities which include;

  •  Development of key institute’s strategic aims
  •  Corporate planning, staff recruitment, staff and students discipline.
  •  Working with the Principal in development of institutional and professional capacities aimed at enhancing the provision of quality and relevant technical education and training, including staff continuous professional development and staff performance appraisal.
  •  Finally, the office is responsible for coordinating the development and implementation of the institute strategic plan with regard to programs in the institute in order to achieve the intended short and long term goals.

I commit to contribute greatly in making Katine TTI to be the best in Academic excellence to produce high quality globally competent employable human resource.