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H.O.D:                   KISSILAH O. KENNETH

D/H.O.D:                     – FAITH M. MUTHINI


                                      -GEORGE O. ODHIAMBO

                                      -ROSE MUYALLAH

                                      -MARTHA K. WAMBUA

Sports and recreation department takes care of the physical, social and emotional wellbeing of our students. As a department, we pride in being affiliates of KETTISO NAIROBI and KATTI organizations. We take part in TVET/VTT sporting activities and due to the stellar performances in both athletics and ball games, Katine tti is well known across the divide of our country.

We were also in the process of introducing drama and music for regional and national competition in the year 2020 before COVID-19 interrupted all sporting activities across the globe.

In the year 2019 regional ball games held at the Thika TTI, Katine recorded the most improved performance emerging seventh overall and managed to scoop Bronze medal in the men handball. A first for Katine.

That performance was followed by even a better performance in the 2020 Nairobi region athletics meet which was again held at the Thika TTI grounds in February 2020. Katine emerged third overall after Thika and Masai TTIs where we scooped five gold medals, two silver medals and one bronze medal.

As a department, we pride in team work as we believe that’s the only way to success. This working in harmony has seen the department improve tremendously.

-In 2019, we participated in basketball men for the first time led by Coach Martha. As things stand now that basketball team is a team to watch.

-Coach Muema had his handball team beat all odds like lack of good training ground to scoop bronze medal at the regional championships last year and they were promising to make it two places better this year before COVID-19 messed their plans.

-The soccer team led by Coach George was all focused to make it to the nationals this year after suffering technical disappointment last year.

-Volleyball men and women teams were also in top gear to make their mark this year after stellar showing last year where both teams made it to the quarter finals at the regional championship.

-The netball team received a new coach, Madam Rose after the departure of the long serving coach madam Musiva to a new station.

We as a department cannot forget to thank and appreciate the valuable support of the administration and the dean’s office in all our activities and our successes could not have been possible without them.

Our department are also currently in talks with Athletics Kenya to affiliate our self to the sporting body so as to be taking athletes for the national trials whenever they are held.

We wish to welcome all to our department to widen our scope of disciplines and introduce variety of sports in our institute and make Katine great.

                                                             ‘YES WE CAN’


From the desk of H.O.D