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The Dean of Students Office provides a link between the Students and the Administration.


The Students conduct elections yearly to elect students’ council leaders. A total of 9 elective slots are up for

grabs. All students are allowed to participate in electing their leaders except those sponsored by NYS.


This particular duty provides the students with the necessary support while undertaking their studies.

This includes:

 Providing information on the conduct of students

 Providing information on mobilizing financial support

 Supporting students during difficult times through class representatives’ such as in sickness and


Note: To enable the Office help students, it is important for them to internalize the Institutions’ Rule and

Regulations and Academic Policy in order for them to make the best use of their opportunity in the Institute.


The Guidance and Counseling programs are vital in providing psycho- social support to the students as they

pursue their academic goals, as well as to the staff.

Each academic department is served by departmental counselor who provide all the necessary information and

support to the students and staff who may experience any challenges. Counseling services are available during

all working hours, and the students are encouraged to consult the departmental counselors when in need.

We are committed to ensure both our students and staff continually receive guidance and counselling

sensitization on HIV infection prevention, management of Alcohol and Drug abuse as well as management of

Covid 19.


The Dean’s Office has seen large improvement in the recruitment and activity of students in clubs and societies

over the past three (2) years. The Institute has a several clubs and societies while others have been proposed.

We encourage all students to actively participate in such.


The dean’s office plans and organizes several meetings involving students such as Orientation meeting for new

students, open forums among others.