From the Information Communication  H.O.D Desk

Martha Wambua

The ICT department in the College is committed to developing the ICT skills of all the students to enable them to participate in a rapidly changing world in which work and other activities are increasingly transformed by access to varied and developing technology. The department aims to encourage student to become both independent enquirers and creative thinkers. Work is designed to challenge the students to create ICT solutions to key tasks and problems in the real world. Students  are taught how to become efficient users of digital technology, ranging from essential office skills to programming and sequencing. In this ever changing digital world our ultimate objective is to move pupils from being consumers of information, to becoming producers of products and solutions.

Our mandate as a department is to promote acquisition of knowledge and skills empowerment for poverty eradication and employment creation and realization of Vision 2030 through innovation

We offer diploma, certificate LEVELS

we offer the following courses

Course Intake Duration
Diploma in ICT MODULE 1 January/may/sept 1 year
Diploma in ICT MODULE 2 January/may/sept 6 months
Diploma in ICT MODULE 2 January/may/sept 6 months
Certificate module 1 January/may/sept 1 year
Certificate module  2 January/may/sept 6 months
Computer proficiency January/may/sept 3 months